I need to buy another dresser. I'm being a little more picky with this one than I was with the last one I bought for our walk-in closet. Since all the wood in our bedroom is dark but the bed, I'd like this dresser to be dark as well. I also want it to kinda fit in a particular spot in the room and be under $75. Ish.

I've been looking for several weeks now. I found one, but I responded too slowly and someone else bought it. It was lovely, and I'm still not completely over that loss. Still, the rest of my apartment will be pretty cluttered until I buy this dresser.

It's not just the clothes that don't have a place to go. I want to hang a large fiberglass panel over where the dresser will go, but because I don't know how tall the dresser will be will be, I can't hang it until I buy the dresser.

I also want to install a curtain rod that I bought specifically for the bedroom window. The apartment complex won't charge me if I leave the curtain rod on the wall when I move, but I might just take it back down and Freecycle it before we go. The holes that the rod will make will be small because the screws are small. I'm excited to install it and get the curtains up, but I can't until I know exactly where the dresser is going to go. The space for it is right next to the window. Also, I might extend the curtain rod to cover some of the wall space, but I don't know how much of that wall will be occupied by this dresser that I haven't found yet.

I have a picture that I just got back from the framers this week. I want to hang it where the fiberglass panel and the curtain rod are both propped now, but I can't. The picture is now propped against the bathroom cabinet.
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