We've had cable for the last three years. We lived in two apartments in the same complex, and the complex gave us a discount on cable. We juiced it for all it was worth: we recorded almost all the Voyager episodes from Spike, and we've gulped up as much of The Amazing Race as we could find. We watched lots of movies and had a binge on Fringe for awhile before Just'In got his new job. I ate up all the Food Network and HGTV until I'd taken as many notes of handy tips as I possibly could. And Just'In really liked Clean House for awhile there; I thought it was weird.

We decided that we wouldn't get cable or satellite in this place, though. We're cleansing our palates and enjoying the books we have. We're concentrating on projects and job-hunting and moulding the apartment together. And we still find time for a little less TV than we did before. Lately, we've been enjoying the auditions of American Idol.

Just the auditions, mind you. We did this when we had cable, too; the auditions are the best part of the whole show, and we don't bother watching the actual competition. After the initial shock of only having seven channels, we've remembered the old British comedies that come on at night. Right now, we love "Keeping Up Appearances" with Hyacinth, Rose, Daisy, and the horror that comes from just Hyacinth.

I've re-discovered my love for PBS. Yes, the kid's stuff, too; stop gaping or groaning inside. There's a new show that's come on called The Electric Company. It's started this month. It caught my eye because of its music video/High School Musical quality. But they're rapping. And there's that learning-how-to-read thing like Between The Lions. Only this is for kids who are older, it feels like. Like Between the Lions, it's got very specific plots and then letter features that deviate from the plot but center around a theme (the teens are stuck in a spaceship and trying to get out, but the sound of the episode is the short e and the long a).

Maybe it feels older because the actors are mostly teenagers/tweens and adults. They're Number One on the PBS Kids site. Click on Channels and then Top Ten. Like the users on this site, my second favorite is Arthur. I was just watching the music videos the other day.

Electric Company. Wow. What a cool combination of sound and video. It feels like it should be owned by Disney, but I'm so happy it belongs to Public Television.
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