Do movie people watch movies? People who make movies and people who are in movies--do they watch movies that other people have made or that other people are in?

I know that directors and actors go to movie premieres, and we know that they have lots of fun at the parties after the premiers, but do they actually sit in the theatre in their dressy clothes and watch? Also, does Nicole Kidman rent movies and watch them with her boyfriend on her couch, like normal people do?

We know that someone reads the books that the movies are made after. Do the directors read the books themselves, or do they pay people to look and read books and then report back as to whether they have good movie potential? Sometimes we hear that a specific actor really connects with her character and feels like the set really came to life and was true to the book. Assuming that wasn't something a publicist told her to say, that must mean that she read the book to feel the character out, right?

Do the cameramen watch other movies for inspiration? It must be fascinating to watch movies with a cameraman or a director or an editor whose job is to be behind the set. (Mister Stone, I'm looking at you) I secretly wanted to watch a play with my high school director, just so we could have a fascinating conversation afterward through play analysis.

Somehow, I just can't imagine Humphrey Bogart or Carey Grant or Tom Cruise sitting with his dog and watching a good, action movie. Is there anyone out there who you just can't put on that couch, with a remote in hand?
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