Want something to entertain and yet make you feel smart, inspired, informed? The newest thing bouncing around the Internet: The Ted Talks. Lectures by all sorts of people on all sorts of subjects.

If I had to pick two out of the stuff I've seen so far, it'd be Elizabeth Gilbert on a fascinating train of thought of inspiration and genius. It's so wonderful that twice now I've been in tears by the end and have had to go elsewhere to compose myself. And a lecture by Mike Rowe, the host of the TV show Dirty Jobs. I like this one because of his conclusion, but also because of his realization.

I love these because they make me feel like I'm not wasting my time. Lately, I have to make a conscious effort to step outside my apartment. I also make sure that I do some sort of job-seeking activity every day. Even if it means just doing another search to see if anything new hasn't sifted through my fingers yet. I also get bored at the end of the day; I sleep because it's something to do and my dreams are entertaining. There's only so much reading and web-surfing and TV-watching one can do. I take out my collage project every few days. I'm happy for church activities and for checking the mail. I'm also happy for these talks.
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