I see commercials for different methods of teeth whitening everywhere I look for entertainment: Websites, TV commercials, magazines, newspapers, the mail, and even on the radio. There's all sorts of different ways of doing it, from trays to strips to dentists who will do it for you.

I really don't like teeth whitening. I think it's unnatural and a ridiculous beauty fad. If you've got brown teeth, you've probably got a nasty habit you're trying to hide. That nasty habit is nasty because it shows itself physically. You picked it up; you deserve the effects. Otherwise, your teeth are slightly yellow from eating food that's got lots of stainers and not brushing your teeth every day. Yes, if you eat fast food with artificial coloring and acid and all sorts of nasty stuff in it, your teeth are going to show it.

Naturally, your teeth should be an ivory color, not bleach white. If you're white and you're comparing the color of your teeth against those of black people or those who have a greater contrast between the color of their skin and the color of their teeth, you're ridiculous. Their teeth are beautiful because of that contrast--have you noticed that most people who whiten their teeth or who star in commercials for it are white?

If you're really worried about it, brush your teeth every day; get a toothpaste that includes a little bit of whitening with the other stuff that cleans your teeth like it should. If you're still worried about it, get some really red lipstick to bring out that contrast. Stop damaging your teeth because of a style fad.
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People's natural tooth colour varies for genetic, environmental, etc reasons. There are also various diseases and medications which can affect the colour of teeth - according to the Journal of Saw it Somewhere A Long Time Ago Studies, tetracycline does this, especially the second teeth of children who were given it.

But I don't get the whitening thing - surely it is bad for the enamel? (My own teeth are yellowish precisely because the enamel is thin already.)

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Yep. Like lots of other beauty fads, this one is harmful, too.

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My teeth aren't the best color, because tea stains them.

but I agree. I think all of the whitening stuff is rather senseless.
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