First ultrasound today. Just'In's boss readily gave him the morning off, and considering the air and the ground were white this morning, I'm very glad I had a car roof to sit under instead of a bus stop sign.

We spent more time in the lobby waiting to do this than actually in the ultrasound room. The ultrasound services were in the same office as three OBGYNs, and two of those three doctors were delivering babies. The poor secretary--she was re-scheduling and delaying appointments left and right. I saw lots of frustrated and strained faces.

Once we got in, I just pulled my waistband down, my shirtline up, and laid on paper. All very straightforward. Ten weeks, this thing was determined, and it looks like a blob with a head and little blobs for legs and arms. We heard a heartbeat and got photos to commemorate the event. All in all, a very surreal experience. I wasn't particularly excited because I'd seen ultrasounds before, and Just'In didn't say much.

The ultrasound technician asked us if we had books. Just'In said, "Oh, yes we have lots of books," and I knew what she meant. "No, we don't have a specific book for this," I told her. I've got an old magazine supplement with lots of pictures and a good website. That's good for me right now. The feeling of surrealism hasn't disappeared, but the feeling of nausea hasn't disappeared either.
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