I've volunteered myself to a national cause. I don't do this often, and if there's no interest from you in donating money for research to cure my blindness, feel free to skip this entry.

I'm not asking for your next paycheck or even what you would spend on your grocery bill. You know me in some shape or form, either from reading me for awhile or because you know me in person. At one point in our acquaintance, you've probably asked questions like, "Why are you walking around with a white stick for a blind person? You're not blind," or, "Why can't you drive?" and those honest questions lead to an honest explanation from me as to how I really do see. If you've never known me in person, maybe you've read this entry that I wrote in December.

Whatever encounter you've had with me involving vision, it probably made you a little sad. Or it made you fiercely proud of me. Or something else. I've had questions that follow all this that sound something like, "Well, is there a cure? Can't you get laser surgery to fix it?" and I explain that this can't be fixed. Yet.

What I've discovered is that there are people who are making exciting scientific discoveries that present breakthroughs for those who have my specific retinal disease. There are all sorts of clinical trials for all sorts of different treatments: some have to do with technology like tiny cameras in eyeglasses that hook up to the seeing part of the brain. Others are doing really scientific and really detailed studies on how exactly the retina is designed.

There's more information on exactly what progress and what new research here, if you want to see, here. And the details on what my retinal disease is exactly, in case you don't remember having any sort of encounter with me on this subject, are here.

It's all really exciting. Clinical trials mean that what someone has discovered is being tested to make sure it really does work. And more scientific progress needs more money to back it up. What better way to find the help than by recruiting those who are blind? Who better to find the money than those who love and know the blind?

So Utah is starting its first-ever fundraising activity. We call it VisionWalk, and it's a celebration party that gives us a deadline and a goal to work toward. Our goal is June 13. I have several friends involved in this, as well. If you want, you can see their progress or read more about VisionWalk in general.

So you can see where this is leading: Will you help fund the research that would give me sight? Will you donate something to forward the progress we've made so far? There's two ways to do this, and they're both really simple. One is to go to a website and click on the "Support Kate" button. Another is to send me a check payable to "Foundation Fighting Blindness" and put my name in the Notes Section next to your signature. Comment here with your Email address and I'll send you my address; all comments are screened, which means your info won't be posted here publicly unless I allow it.

You can donate as much as you want. There's not a minimum payment, and I don't have a specific goal in mind. Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring. Thanks for donating. I appreciate it.
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